Hongrui 3D printer helped Beijing 101 Midd03

Hongrui 3D printer helped Beijing 101 Midd03

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Recently, Hongrui 3D printer helped Beijing 101 Middle School Education Group Junior Middle School Campus Open Day, which was reported by China Education Television and broadcast on China Education Te

Recently, Hongrui 3D printer helped Beijing 101 Middle School Education Group Junior Middle School Campus Open Day, which was reported by China Education Television and broadcast on China Education Television. The Open Campus Day held in the middle of Beijing 101 Middle School Education Group aims to integrate traditional art with scientific innovation and enhance students'comprehensive ability. Among the 20 exhibition booths on display in the Sci-Tech Experience and Production Zone, Hong Rui 3D printer, as the protagonist of this feast of science and technology, has set off a wave of science and technology on the spot and attracted great attention from the media. Hongrui E-series 3D printer has attracted a lot of attention from parents and students. The students expressed their feelings about Hongrui 3D printer. Hongrui 3D printer aroused great interest of students on the spot. Hongrui 3D printer was interviewed by Australian media for its excellent performance and high popularity and was well-known in the famous festival. The future China is broadcast. This is an important witness on the road of Hong Rui 3D printer. Nowadays, many colleges and universities offer 3D printing courses, breaking the school's tangible "wall". By exploring, experiencing, cooperating and thinking mode, let science and technology merge with students'daily life, improve students' overall scientific literacy. China Education Television believes that the future Hongrui 3D printer will be infinite on the education stage. The development space. Hong Rui is highly concerned about the development of 3D printing technology in the field of education. Over the years, Hong Rui has cultivated the educational field with ingenuity, and has integrated the demand with the education industry. Hongrui has left footprints in the education market in many cities. With the help of case-based and practical experience, Hongrui has provided one-to-one solutions for more than 100 primary and secondary schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao and other domestic cities, in addition to vocational education. Hongrui plans to lay out the field of education in depth. On the basis of constantly innovating hardware products, a series of 3D printing technology courses and textbooks will be launched to promote the development of "Creative Education" in China and realize the ecological co-construction of "3D printing + education" in the joint education market. Over the past two years, Hongrui 3D printers have provided top-notch technical support to the contestants at the first formal training base for 3D printer stylists and the 2017 China-US Youth Founder Competition. In addition, Hongrui sponsored 50 high-quality 3D printers for the "2017 Beijing New Silk Road, New Creative'STEM +'Science and Technology Innovation Basic Skills Challenge". In the field of education, Hong Rui has been active as a 3D printing equipment and technology supplier in major events.